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Welcome to the World of Traditional Feng Shui

You are invited to join our free Traditional Feng Shui discussion group.

We will discuss Traditional Chinese Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and all things Chinese.

Membership is open to all levels: beginner, student, and professional.

Be sure to visit our files section and download all our pdf articles.

If you are new to Traditional Chinese Feng Shui, we recommend reading the following books in order to get the most out of this discussion group:

1. Feng Shui for Skeptics – Real Solutions without Superstition by Kartar Diamond.
2. Ancient Feng Shui’s Ultimate Secrets for Home and Office by Gisi Stupp.
3. Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy by David Twicken.
4. The Complete Idiot’s Guide(R) to Feng Shui by Master Joseph Yu.

Beginners – As you read these books, ask your questions here, and we’ll discuss them in our group.

You can find these books and others at

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